Saturday, February 4, 2012


the first distinction we must make is between the fully imagined defined and established sub-genre known as "steampunk" and a new term: "streampunk" I submit the term streampunk to be defined as a new sub-genre of cyber flash fiction: 750 words or less all inclusive pure abstract unrestricted by mainstream rules notions and traditions which constrain most other forms of literary media. This new sub-genre would by its very nature defy all rules...grammatically and scholastically! Drawing from the Essentials of Spontaneous Prose first expounded by Kerouac we find these principles:

PROCEDURE "...Time being of the essence in the purity of speech, sketching the language is undisturbed flow the mind of personal secret idea-words blowing(as per jazz musician) on the subject of image..."
METHOD "...No periods separating sentence-structures already arbitrarily riddled by false colons and timid usually needless commas- but the vigorous space dash separating rhetorical breathing(as jazz musician) drawing breaths between outblown phrases..."
SCOPING "...following free deviation(association) of mind into limitless blow-on-subject seas of thought, swimming in the sea of English with no discipline other than rhythms of rhetorical exhalation and expostulated statement-blow as deep as you want-write as deeply, fish as far down as you want..."
TIMING "...Nothing is muddy that runs in time and to laws of time-Shakespearean stress of dramatic need to speak-now in own unalterable way or forever hold tongue-no revisions(except obvious rational mistakes, such as names or calculated insertions)..."
CENTER OF INTEREST "...the best writing is always the most painful personal wrung-out tossed from cradle warm protective mind-tap from yourself the song of yourself blow!-now!-your way is your only way..."
MENTAL STATE "...If possible write "without consciousness" in semi-trance allowing subconsciousness to admit in own uninhibited interesting necessary and so "modern" language what conscious art would censor, and write excitedly, swiftly with writing-or-typing-cramps, in accordance(as from center to periphery) with laws of orgasm-Reich's "beclouding of consciousness"

These are merely suggestions from a master of language which are consistent with the spirit of this enterprise...

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