Sunday, July 1, 2012


EPISODE:3 THE STRIFE- We sit in the peak between udder devestation and pure unadulterated bliss I think Id prefer the devestation as it were a fresh start for this poor drained world as for bliss ill take a piss not kill our one world. maybe if id been born in a city id give a shit about looking pretty, get fake boobs ,plastic nails and a tan but as is stands I am worried about what im going to feed these people for dinner. Do you worry that your a sinner? No I just told you I have to figure out whats for dinner.What part of starving children dont you understand. I dont care if your a grown man if the dirt wont grow food then youll understand my mood. Frack that I mean it really pump water into the ground push the poison to the surface in every single farm and frack it. What happened to the man with a plan . Can all you can! Wisdom for your life no matter your strife. you ever notice how many movies are about our lives being changed forever thats a long time slam it together poof its all better. Also id like to make a list of possible alien abduction canidates I wont wish you dead but well thats better left unsaid. you ever wish apoun a star of course you have mars needs moms my son told me I should go help them who will help him. babies need milk there bodies will make growth hormones but go ahead with the frog dna in my corn and commericals full of porn. Everything about this world makes you sad well theres a diagnosis for that definetly get you a prescription or dont go just find a new addiction. heard about something real nice called spice go ahead sieze up. Another brain freed up. Afraid to protest against the man keep your head down at your smartphone no one will know your not a drone the sith lord didnt have it this easy except his drones didnt come with ptsd to there loving family not the family killed by the silent drones patrolling over our blue skies. a little bliss blissed out reality television doesnt show the real pinnicle I stand on but my garden does grow the old fashioned way tried and true that fed every single ancestor and to start again we start with you. full circle indeed that is what we need. theres no peaks in a circle ...Pizza (thanks to Michelle Smith for this post-modern howl! let's keep em coming...fx)