Wednesday, August 22, 2012


EPISODE: 4-THE LAKE:...those judgements that we made, were now corpses floating on our lake. bloated, face down, surrounded by dirty spoons, cups and sorcerers. too much to move. you could walk from one side to the other on the backs of these stiffs. whatever happened to this clean pool. we used to swim here, finding treasure in the mud, pearls of fun, stuffed with love. eels, shells + bells... fish swam, laying eggs in our heads. hatching + growing. but some of those eggs were rotten and we farmed those fuckers. we loved those tiny monsters + they grew + grew till there was no more room and we could barely feed them all, let alone spew afternoon poison over milky tea + guerilla biscuits. so one by one they joined the greater number. this gang of black perspectives had cracked their final smiles.. 'judge jungle' was the first + he was also the last. i remember holding onto him as he sank into the congealed swamp water, now thick with thought made flesh gone bad.. 'drag the waters' he rattled... 'sure thing judge'...... so we did, one carcass at a time. a funeral pyre was hired for it's fire + prayers were said for each poor wretch, dragging them out, one by one by one by one.... 9 days on we could see water, not a lot but in the corner, where there had been hair + teeth + bone + skin for so long....the sun reflected off the watery surface + for a moment we forgot our solemn procession as nostalgia washed over us like gods own drug, hugging our souls + filling our cups. it's so easy to forget when you're lake's full of junk.. but of course, we were junkies, strung out on ourselves, sat on a branch afraid of the trunk....'the trunk is the love + love is a drug' ....used to be our mantra.. one of many...dr zeus prayers for the wild + sovereign.. but then we came down, back to the fishing + dragging + burning + sieving .pray for the lake. .........................ben lost - 22/8